Project Description

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This piece of handmade fused glass art comes from a beautiful home in the equally scenic village of Stoke Gifford, Bristol. The design is a take on our classic Tree of Life, of course, but with plenty of changes and customisations that make full use of our completely bespoke process. The background is a verdant green and provides a subtly textured base for the tree itself, which branches out to form a big heart! Hand cut leaves featuring carefully chosen complementary colours of all kinds really add a splash of colour to the space.

The customers wanted to include a few specific things to personalise the design, and so Lisa made sure to include them. You’ll be able to spot a couple of birds, with a red breasted robin perched in the branches up top, and a pheasant down below in the flowers and grass. If you look behind the tree, you should be able to make out a colourful hot air balloon rising, and a bumblebee buzzing about while a climbing rose makes its way up the trunk.