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Garden Wall Art

At The House of Ugly Fish, we’re always keen to get our fused glass out where it can look its best, and that can very often be in an outdoor space such as the garden. There’s a huge potential for items such as garden wall art panels of all shapes and sizes to be fitted, while thicker pieces of garden glass art might make for a perfect ornament or feature.

Often the garden gets overlooked when it comes to art work and decoration, with people tending to focus more on the inside of their homes. However, a plain garden or outdoor area can be completely transformed with the addition of a few well-chosen pieces of garden wall art. As we said, our garden glass art really puts on a show that will light up your entire garden.

Our fused glass art works so well because it responds so well to light. During the summer especially, your garden glass art will twinkle, shine and spill beautiful colours across your garden in a dazzling display. It’s almost like interactive art! And of course, as with all our fused glass art, our garden wall art can be made in a completely bespoke way to ensure your piece of garden glass art is truly one-of-a-kind.

No matter what you’re opting for, whether it’s a sunny garden wall art piece featuring a wealth of warm colours or something a little greener to better represent the British landscape, we’ll be able to create something unique and personalised for you. All of our designs and no doubt all of your ideas can translate to outdoor glass art which sits comfortably in your garden, so don’t be afraid to give us a call!

You can find some examples of outdoor glass art for the garden below to get your creative juices flowing. Additionally, there are many more examples of fused glass art for the garden in the Portfolio section of our website.