Fused Glass Art Accessories Beach Coasters

Fused Glass Accessories, Bowls and Mirrors

At The House of Ugly Fish, we don’t just specialise in the creation of grand wall panels and space filling kitchen splashbacks. Fused glass is a versatile medium, after all, and it’s an incredibly flexible base for glass art in all shapes, sizes and forms. To that end, we are proud to say that we are experts when it comes to making fused glass accessories such as bowls, mirrors, drinks coasters and much more!

Table decorations are a fantastic addition to any room and can really help tie in a certain theme or design in your home. Glass art table centrepieces such as fused glass bowls and coasters look beautiful in the dining room or kitchen, while a well placed soap dish or mirror could really make the difference in a bathroom. You’re always guaranteed a truly unique and bespoke glass accessory no matter what you go for, as we use all the same processes as we do with our larger pieces. Whatever you order is guaranteed to have all of that fused glass art charm.

Your home is a reflection of you and your personality so why should your table decorations be any different? Get creative with your home accessories and decorations by investing in some fused glass art! We can incorporate any designs, colours or images into fused glass art accessories and table centrepieces no matter what you’re looking for. Whether that’s a set of matching drinks coasters, a feature bowl or anything else, we’ve got the ability to make it all here. We’ve even made fused glass art frames for mirrors, which as you can imagine creates a stunning effect!

Why not have a look at some of the fused glass art accessories we’ve made in the past? You can find our full portfolio of work right here on our website, or you can simply scroll down to see a gallery of fused glass art accessories.