This image is to showcase the stunning effect light has on our fused glass art.

Fused Glass Lighting

Are you looking to introduce light into your home in a uniquely beautiful and personalised way? Adding to the variety and flexibility of our work, our fully bespoke method is perfect for creating fused glass lighting installations where the translucent nature of the glass can be used to its full effect. When our glass is paired with the right kind of light, the results are stunning no matter and the shape, size or form of the glass art in question.

We’ve been creating fused glass lights for a while now and it’s something we started doing after initially getting a start in glass splashbacks and wall art. Once we saw how well the glass interacted with sunlight passing through it, we knew there was more we could do to take advantage of that effect. Now, our backlit panels make excellent focal pieces for entrances and hallways and the way the light shines through the colours is truly mesmerising. We can create the panels as large as you’d like and can cut them to shape, or create something smaller as is the case with our Rospo fused glass lights. Our smaller glass pieces are sure to look great as centrepieces on a dining table or as accent lighting in any room in the house.

You can choose from pre-made fused glass lights or backlit wall panels, or you can choose to have your own bespoke fused glass piece commissioned with lighting in mind. If you want something truly personal and unique to your home then we suggest you opt for the custom option and have a think about the type of colours, designs and imagery you would like!

There are many examples of fused glass lighting to be found in the Portfolio section of our website, or you can simply scroll down to see a wide selection of pieces below.