Fused Glass Radiators

If you’re looking to brighten up a room in a very unique and unconventional way, why not consider incorporating our fused glass art as part of a radiator installation?  Radiators alone can sometimes disrupt the decoration of a room, especially if you’re trying to create a strong feeling, but our fused glass radiators allow you to create something that looks a little bit more like a proper art installation – all while remaining totally practical. Our glass is also absolutely perfect for dressing up the area around where radiators sit, creating home accessories that are eye-catching, personalised and stunning to behold.

Just like all of our other fused glass products, we’re more than able to offer a fully bespoke and totally customisable service for radiators of all shapes and sizes. We can guarantee that the glass you receive will have a personal touch, with just about every aspect of the design able to be customised to your liking. It’s perfect for when you’re interested in creating a stunning room with a lot of impact, as the glass can be made to fit in exactly with the colours you have in mind or to match with an existing piece of glass.

Bespoke Fused Glass Designs

We’ve always felt radiators are an all too easily overlooked item when it comes to the world of interior design, which is why we were so inspired to create something in fused glass that would help address that. Our bespoke, hand crafted glass panels allow radiators to really lift a room or area of the home!

All of our fused glass art panels and radiators are made by hand and brought to life completely from scratch. That allows you as a customer to have full control over the design and colour scheme, following the process from initial sketches and ideas all the way to the finished product. It’s this personal touch that makes our fused glass art so sought after, so of course you’ll find it in everything we offer.

You can see pictures of our past work below, or you can visit our full Portfolio section to see a complete gallery of all the work we’ve completed in the past.