Project Description

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A wonderful lady in Knowle commissioned us to produce some bespoke fused glass art work for her lounge and hallway. After discussions and client collaboration, the super-sized glass tree of life was created using an unusual shade of grey to compliment the pinks and soft purple infused grey tones in the lounge. The trunk was inspired by a silver birch and features a sparkly silver colour which gives the tree a special feeling of elegance. The leaves and flowers are a mix of purples, pinks, creams, olive greens, matte colours and sparkly silvers. Three delicate butterflies flutter about the tree, adding an ethereal quality. This creates the overall effect that implies subtle sophistication in a glamorous room setting.

The hall pieces needed to fill a huge space without dominating. We came up with the idea to split the fused glass panels and create a pattern which mimicked the stairs gradients going down. The colours used were inspired by the wooden spindles and the Murano glass green man on the staircase window which is a beautiful chartreuse green. 2 additional panels were created to compliment the wall of glass. They sit on the opposite wall and feature a design inspired by the diaphanous window drapes which bring a touch of 1920’s glamor.
The overall effect is to compliment a grand hallway with huge ceilings and sweeping stairs. Before and after images can be seen below.