Featured in Fife

These lovely bespoke fused glass windows were delivered to Fife, finding a home in the Dean Park Hotel. It was great to have the chance to create something for a commercial property, and fantastic to work on a large scale project again. We were more than happy to rise [...]

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Brigg it Back

Now here’s an interesting one – a piece from the past and a collaboration. All of the fused glass art you see pictured in this blog found a home some years ago in a home in Brigg, Lincolnshire.
We often work with interior designers, as it presents an interesting [...]

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Wonderful Windows

If you’ve ever visited our website before, then you’ve probably seen many examples of how our fused glass art can make a home come to life, with a tremendous variety of kitchen splashback, glass wall art panels and more filling our portfolio of previous work. Did you know about [...]

Our Bespoke Glass Windows

You’ve no doubt seen how our fused glass art can make a home come to life, with a huge variety of kitchen splashbacks, glass wall art panels and more to be found all throughout our portfolio. Did you know about our ability to create bespoke glass windows from that [...]

One Seriously Scenic View

How’s this for a house with a view? This is a picture of a new house under construction in Salcombe, Devon, and while it may be a little draughty inside the property at the moment, we’re sure that it’s going to be something spectacular when it’s completed. Can you [...]

A Double Splashback Treat

The bespoke glass splashbacks you see pictured above were created for a customer of ours in Kingennie, Dundee, though they weren’t made at the same time. You can see the old splashback on the left of the image, though we wouldn’t blame you if you thought it was a [...]