In Search of the Perfect Decoration

Having a little trouble getting the look of your home just right? We know all too well that it can definitely be difficult to find art that you truly love, especially if you’re building a theme in your home or going for a specific style in a certain room. [...]

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Crafting A Cheshire Landmark

Created for a customer of ours in Bollington, Cheshire, this fused glass kitchen splashback is a testament to just how much say you can have over the design of a piece. It’s the perfect example of how one of our bespoke glass splashbacks can be personalised for a customer, [...]

A Real Feature

Here’s another one of our fused glass kitchen splashbacks from the portfolio, and it’s a recent work that found a place in Hampshire. We’re very fond of this one, and how it managed to overcome a pretty awkward fitting to become a one of a kind installation. As you [...]

Something to See in Frinton-on-Sea

This rather impressive fused glass installation found a beautiful home in Frinton-on-Sea, Essex, and we’re quite proud of it! It’s always challenging to work on such a large scale, needless to say, but with challenge comes great reward. When all was said and done, the customer was as pleased [...]

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Fused Glass Art with a Commercial Charm

While fused glass art looks absolutely stunning in your kitchen, and the right piece of glass can make any room in the home, it’s definitely not an art form which is restricted to exclusive use in the home. We love the look of glass in a house as much [...]

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