Wall Waves

Here’s the latest fused glass wall art from The House of Ugly Fish, delivered to a lovely home in Felixstowe, Suffolk. It’s created from a warmer earth-coloured palette, combined with a healthy dose of contrast. Bold black lines and bright grey sections complete the look nicely, and the whole [...]

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Hooked on Light

It’s the first post on our blog in the new year, so of course we’re happy that it’s a good one. We love pieces that interact with light to bring a whole new element to the glass, and this latest project on our blog definitely ticks that box. It’s [...]


Seeing as our annual sale continues until the end of the year, we thought we’d shine a brief spotlight on the kind of things you can expect to see right here in our sale section. From seconds and off-cuts all the way to stunning pieces that we’ve taken on [...]

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A Cool Piece in a Hot Place

Here’s one more from a little while ago, picked out of our portfolio for its bright colours and eye catching design. As we recall, this client was on the lookout for something perfect for dressing up the wall above their fireplace, while also searching for a piece that would [...]

Let Some Light Shine In

Looking for something a little different to really make your house shine? Although our glass is frequently used to create gorgeous fused glass kitchen splashbacks, wall panels and other decorations that dress up a wall, the way that light interacts with the glass makes them perfect for bespoke glass [...]

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Catching Up With Some Cattle

We posted a blog last week about what we got up to in Devon, while we were down for the Southwest Home & Garden Show. While out and about walking a coastal path, Paul ran into some unexpected company. It was a big surprise to encounter cattle just hanging [...]

Completing a Kitchen with Colour

Today, we thought we’d show you an example of a fused glass splashback that utilises colour to its full effect. Just like in coloured glass splashbacks, this piece uses colour as the primary focus for its design, but it’s immediately clear how much more diverse the medium of fused [...]

Something to See in Frinton-on-Sea

This rather impressive fused glass installation found a beautiful home in Frinton-on-Sea, Essex, and we’re quite proud of it! It’s always challenging to work on such a large scale, needless to say, but with challenge comes great reward. When all was said and done, the customer was as pleased [...]

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A Seaside Splashback on the Horizon

Here’s another piece from our portfolio that we’d thought we’d pull up and say a little bit about. It’s definitely a favourite of all the bespoke glass splashbacks we’ve created, and looking at it now we’re very pleased with how it turned out. So, what’s the story behind this [...]

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