Welcoming Guests Warmly with Glass

Created for one of our clients in Dukinfield, this stunning fused glass art panel was created to dress up an area in the kitchen that was looking a little bare. As the image above shows, the piece that we delivered was definitely a beautiful one. The design incorporates burning [...]

A Wonder for the Wall

These pieces come from a job we carried out for a house in Bolton, where the owners were looking to dress up a blank wall in an interesting way. Traditional artwork could easily have been an option here, but the clients decided that they wouldn’t settle for anything less [...]

Trees of Blue, Glass Splashbacks Too

Created for a client in Totnes, Devon, this is a gorgeous example of a Tree of Life in its natural habitat. We thought we’d kick off the week with something classic, yet exciting, and something which is definitely worthy of a feature. This grand panel, a wide and open [...]

Bubbling Up

We often get asked about the bubbles that appear in our fused glass art, popping up around details and scattering across the surface. Are they meant to be there? Do they happen in the kiln intentionally, or are they a fault in the process? Well, bubbles form naturally as [...]

An Amazing Alternative to Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Fused glass art is the perfect alternative to coloured glass splashbacks. The sheer amount of options and variations you have when utilising fused glass should immediately tempt to you look into it. Certainly, when compared with your traditional coloured glass splashbacks, even the ability to incorporate more colours than [...]

A Fused Glass Complement

What’ll we have for today’s post? Continuing on this week’s theme of glass splashbacks, we thought we’d look back a little further and showcase some more work from our portfolio!
This beautiful splashback was created for one of our clients in Sevenoaks, Kent. Its a lovely little piece that [...]

A Delightful Dalaman

Have you been looking for glass splashbacks Scotland-wide and beyond? If so, this particular post in our blog is one that you should definitely make some time to read. At the very least, make sure you have a gander at this especially lovely looking splashback that rolled out of [...]

Something Cool for Kent

Created for a client in Bromley, Kent, this beautiful example of one of our glass splashbacks was made for a client who really liked two of our tree designs. He had spied the two pieces on our website, but just couldn’t decide between the two. In the end, he [...]

Take Care

This panel was created for a care home in Littleover, Derby. It’s another oldie that we’ve dug up, but we don’t mind showing it off a little. After all, it’s a perfect example of fused glass wall art, and a particularly fetching piece of glass that was great to [...]

Flow Like Fused Glass Art

There’s no mistaking this piece for a simple coloured glass splashback! Take a look at how the colours mix together, and you should have a good idea about why we decided to feature this beautiful fused glass panel for today’s blog post! Created for a client of ours in [...]