A Cool Piece in a Hot Place

Here’s one more from a little while ago, picked out of our portfolio for its bright colours and eye catching design. As we recall, this client was on the lookout for something perfect for dressing up the wall above their fireplace, while also searching for a piece that would [...]

Seeing Black and White

Here’s one of our most recent glass splashbacks, created for a home in High Legh, Cheshire. We just had to show it off in today’s blog, as it’s the perfect piece to showcase how much you can do with fused glass when you’re looking to have a less colourful [...]

Fused Colour

Splashbacks are very impactful things, and they’re a fantastic way to add a huge amount of flair to any kitchen or bathroom in a single deft stroke. They take a number of forms, the most popular being coloured glass splashbacks, but that’s a trend that fused glass is definitely [...]

Fused Flames in Cardiff

Here’s another piece that we created a little while ago, destined for a home in Cardiff where we imagine it still sits now. There’s so much to talk about in this kitchen, as it’s an absolutely stunning room, but we’ll focus on the fused glass art that we created. [...]

Throwback to Twickenham

Here’s a job from a little while ago, and it’s a suitably lovely looking glass installation to close the week off in style! Twickenham is a town that has a lot to be proud of, and anyone visiting can expect to find lots of large mansions full of history [...]

Splashing Back to Scotland

Scotland is well known for having many beautiful sights, and a very scenic and peaceful countryside. It’s easily one of our favourite places to deliver glass splashbacks to, as every trip up ends up being an enjoyable experience. Whenever we go, we can’t resist taking at least a day [...]

Down Under

Now here’s a unique piece of glass that deserves talking about, originally delivered a little while ago to Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. This panel came about when we were commissioned to create a gorgeous fused glass splashback for an Australian couple that were looking to inject a serious amount of [...]

Something Marvellous for Monday

Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we like to start the week off with as much excitement and energy as we can, as a brand new week always brings new opportunities to create something special. And of course, with that in mind, what could be better than fused [...]

Fused Glass Art That Burns Bright!

This Thursday, we’re jumping back into the past to have a bit of a throwback for the blog, so here’s some classic fused glass art from the vaults!
The kitchen that we’re featuring today is a beautiful one that we delivered glass to a little while ago. It can [...]

Our Magnificent Mugs

Previous readers of our blog or visitors to our website will no doubt have seen the incredible variety of fused glass art we have to offer, with all kinds of designs, colours, shapes, sizes and more found all throughout our portfolio. The creative science behind fused glass art is [...]