Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit The House of Ugly Fish?
Yes, we welcome visitors by appointment. Please email or phone to make arrangements.
Can The House of Ugly Fish visit our home/site?
Yes, we frequently conduct site visits.
Can I open a retail trade account?
The House of Ugly Fish supplies many retailers in the UK and Ireland. Please email details and someone will contact you directly.
Can Ugly Fish Glass be used outdoors?
Yes it can, although it would be advisable to be laminated for safety reasons.
Does The House of Ugly Fish produce kitchen/bathroom tiles?
Any of our opaque* designs can be made to size and treated as tiles and bonded to the wall.
Can I used Ugly Fish glass in the bathroom and/or wet areas?
Fused glass is an the ideal option for these area where more traditional art will deteriorate in a moist atmosphere.
Will the colour fade if I hang the glass in a conservatory?
Unlike canvas and framed prints, there are no fading or warping issues with glass art, making it ideal for areas open to strong sunlight.
Is Ugly Fish glass suitable for use behind a cooker?
Yes we have produced many stunning pieces for use as a splashback. We offer a complete bespoke service. It may be a simple case of choosing a design on our website and having it made to the size you require or choosing a design and specifying your desired colour palette.

Alternatively you may send us photographs, paint codes, tile & fabric samples and we create a piece to compliment your decor. You may wish to request a house visit where we can advise & make suggestions. Should it be required we offer a template and fitting service. With regard to fitting, we strongly recommend bonding to the wall with a good quality flexible tile adhesive. We also recommend using the services of a qualified tile fitter, alternatively please ask us for a fitting quote.

Over the years, we have produced many splashbacks. In the vast majority of situations our glass is suitable for use behind a hob. If you wish to determine your kitchen’s suitability for one of our splashbacks, you can have a conversation with our fitter regarding what would be the most suitable method of fitting for you. With fitting a splashback, there are three main points to consider:

  • Making sure that if you are performing a DIY fitting, that there is at least a 2mm expansion gap behind the glass.
  • Minimising risk of accidental impacts by something hard or heavy that could potentially break your splashback.
  • Minimising the risk of thermal shock. Although steam and heat generated from general cooking is not an issue, take care to avoid boiling pans coming into contact with glass. The difference in temperature between a hot pan and the glass can cause cracking.
What is the largest size piece The House of Ugly Fish can create?
The largest single piece we can make is 2600 x 1800mm however we have created much larger installations by making in sections and installing with clean joins then bonding or using our adjustable hanging system.
Are the glass panels toughened?
For pieces displayed as wall art there is no requirement for toughening or laminating unless safety is an issue. Most outdoor, internal windows, room dividers or shower screens applications will require laminating to meet safety requirements.
Can Ugly Fish glass be used as a room divider or shower screen?
Yes, depending on the type of design, fused glass can be either laminated or toughened to comply with building regulations.
Can Ugly Fish Glass be used in external windows?
Yes, translucent or transparent fused glass works very well in windows. For external windows, fused glass panels can be either beaded in front of an existing window or as part of a double or triple glazed unit.
How can I pay for my order?
The House of Ugly Fish accepts all major credit and debit cards, except American Express. Payment can also be made by cheque and bank transfers. Glass art orders will be delivered upon receipt of full payment. Cheques must be made payable to: The House of Ugly Fish Ltd. When paying by cheque, the glass art will be delivered once the cheque has cleared. Payment by cheque will not be accepted upon delivery of the glass art.
How is Ugly Fish glass delivered?
Either by our own transport or specialist fragile goods carrier. Occasionally, we are able to send smaller items through the Post Office or via a service such as Parcel Force. If you require a quote for delivery, please feel free to get in contact via email or simply give us a call. Please note there will be a small add-on charge for postage, as we utilise comprehensive packaging to ensure your glass arrives safe and sound.

Can The House of Ugly Fish install the glass art?
The House of Ugly Fish can arrange for the glass to be fitted. Please ask for a quote when ordering. Quite often we will be asked to supply and fit, particularly larger installations such as walls of glass & multiple panel sets.
Can The House of Ugly Fish fit windows, doors, or room dividers?
No, we supply the glass art ready to fit, but the job must be done by a qualified tradesperson. We can provide the window, door, or room divider laminated or housed in a double-glazed unit.
Are the glass panels difficult to install?
With the right tools, our wall art panels are simple to fit. A spirit level, drill and screwdriver are all that is required along with a basic level of DIY. Fittings for securing to solid walls and hollow walls (plasterboard) are provided along instructions. When fitting a splashback, as opposed to wall art, the panel is bonded to the wall much like a tile, using suitable adhesives. We also offer a fitting service, please ask for a quote.
If I like a design, but in a different size to the one shown how do I order it?
Email us the details of the design and the size you would like we can than provide you with a quote.
How do I place an order?
By email or phone – 01618772058. If you wish to order a piece as specified on this site either email or call us and we will process your order. Please click here to be redirected to our Contact Us page.