Bringing Bespoke Back

Our work has helped to bring life into all kinds of spaces across the country, and plenty of times our glass kitchen splashbacks and wall art panels have even gone beyond its borders and abroad. No matter where you are, if you think that there’s a space behind your [...]

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Every Fish Has a Finn

If you’ve ever seen one of our famous Tree of Life designs, you’ll know that we often include pets around the base of the tree. These are always the customers’ own, of course, and their likeness is immortalised in fused glass art. What you might not know, however, is [...]

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Beauty on a Budget

Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we’re mainly known for creating commissioned fused glass art, utilising a fully bespoke process to make each customer’s perfect glass from scratch. We’ve been doing that for a long time now, so naturally, we’ve become a big name in the world of [...]

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Be Original!

We hear the question time and time again: what happens if I don’t like anything on the website? Well, it’s simple, you give us your ideas and we’ll create some fused glass art that isn’t on the website!
While we have many classic designs and customer favourites, such as [...]

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Wall Art With Glass

The House of Ugly Fish is a household name when it comes to the creation of stunning, one-of-a-kind decorations for the wall, creating stunning works of art with glass instead of canvas. Previous customers of ours and readers of the blog should know all about the versatility of our [...]

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Fused Glass Art Abroad

Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we often get asked if we’re able to make fused glass art for properties beyond the borders of the UK, so we thought we’d answer that question with a blog.
To be clear, the answer to that question is yes, of course! [...]

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Bathroom Bound

If you’re familiar with our work, then you’re sure to have seen how our fused glass art can be used to create stunning panels in the home. Whether it’s behind the cooker as a splashback or mounted in the hallway as a glass wall art piece to welcome guests [...]

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Made for Mount Batten

This gorgeous bespoke glass splashback is one of the very latest pieces to exit our workshop, finding a home in Mount Batten, Plymouth. We thought it’d make a good feature for today’s blog, and a great way to brighten up Tuesday in style.
All of our designs begin with [...]

Start the Week Right

Mondays are a little grey for all of us, as we find ourselves having to say goodbye to the weekend and getting back to work. With that in mind, we’re starting the week with something colourful to provide a much-needed injection of life. Take a look at this stunning [...]

Customise and Personalise

Today’s blog is dedicated to a certain part of our portfolio that doesn’t often get to step into the spotlight. Those readers who regularly stop by to read our latest posts will definitely be familiar with our many kitchen splashbacks and eye-catching wall fixtures, but we do feel that [...]

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