This bespoke fused glass art kitchen splashback went to a home in Romsley, Shropshire. It was a very personalised piece packed full of meaning for the customers who ordered it, with plenty of details directly relating to their own lives. It’s definitely a piece like no other, and a fully custom product that reflects the customers in a very special way. With fences, dogs, a horse and rider and a Gazelle helicopter taking to the sky, there’s plenty to see in this particular design. See if you can spot everything!

A wide range of verdant green shades bring a meadow to life in the foreground, from which point a number of vertical lines create visible layers in the piece. Just like layers of earth, the piece has prominent bands of colours that create a scene as you follow them up. Stone walls divide the greener fields from the golden hues beyond, while a line of trees sits in the silhouette of the mountains beyond. It’s an incredibly striking piece of fused glass art which makes for an ideal centrepiece.

If you feel inspired to get something just like it, or you feel as if the beauty of fused glass art is just what your home needs even with a different design, we’d love for you to get in touch.

As we near the end of our first year on the incredible Welsh shores of Anglesey, The House of Ugly Fish is still busier than ever creating stunning works of fused glass art. Undaunted by what might just be our longest list of orders to date, we’re pushing on to make sure that these incredible works of glass make it out across the country and into the homes they were created for. Our team will always be happy to answer any questions you might have about our work and how our fully bespoke process could work for you. Get in touch!