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Fewer things are mixed up more often than fused glass splashbacks and their more plain counterparts, coloured splashbacks. Honestly, it’s not too difficult of a mistake to make if you’re unfamiliar with the key differences. This blog aims to outline just a few of those differences and what sets the two apart!

The devil is in the details, or so it goes, and there you’ll find a key difference between coloured splashbacks and their fused glass counterparts. For us, a piece of glass is like a blank canvas onto which it’s possible to paint just about any design – that’s where you, the customer, come into it.

Fused glass art works not only in two dimensions, but three – of course! What we mean is that the glass is layered by the nature of its construction, and that quality of the glass can be further enhanced by adding extra layers and details to create texture that you can actually run your fingers across and feel. Take a look through our portfolio of completed work and you’ll find plenty of examples where you can see the elements of the glass sitting on separate layers.

Perhaps most distinctively of all, fused glass art is a medium which is able to incorporate images into the design in a uniquely artisanal way.

Most coloured splashbacks tend to be a single plain colour applied across the piece, or a flat print image. This can look good in a kitchen and provide the benefits of a glass splashback, but may not appeal as much to those looking for something a little more artisanal. Fused glass art is able to capture a huge variety of images within any given design, such as landscapes, sweeping scenes, pet portraits and more.

Hopefully, that makes the difference clear!

If you’ve been in the market to get your hands on something perfect for your home, and you’re looking for that certain something other than a coloured splashback to set your kitchen apart from the rest, The House of Ugly Fish is your port of call. Every piece that we create is fully bespoke and made to order, ensuring a perfect match for the space you have in mind. The end result is guaranteed to be completely unique to you, and just what you were looking for. Get in touch as soon as you like; we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have!