These fused glass wall art panels went to a home in Bolton, where they were arranged to make a three dimensional structured display. There were nine separate pieces in total, each with a matching design slightly different from one another.

Featuring a range of blue shades and a geometric, flake-like design incorporating warmer tones, each piece of the glass comes together to make for a beautiful, eye-catching display.

The glass was created to match the existing wall art in the room, which was similarly layed in a geometric style. By shifting the medium to fused glass art, however, a unique twist was added – especially with regards to colour. Lisa was careful to measure out each panel to make sure it would be perfectly equal, and then she created a larger centrepiece with a darker blue colour to anchor the whole design.

Contrasting perfectly against the warmer tones of the existing art, while also bringing warmer tones that directly match, the glass finds a perfect place as you can see pictured below. How do you think it came out?

We love unconventional uses of our fused glass just as much as we adore the regular and classic kitchen splashbacks. You can find plenty of examples of glass being used creatively on our website, so we encourage you to have a browse through. You never know – you might just find something to inspire ideas for your own home!

The team here at The House of Ugly Fish is waiting to hear from you, while we work our way through our longest list of fused glass art orders to date! Rest assured, however, we’re pushing on to make sure that all of these bespoke pieces and panels find their way to the loving homes they’re destined for. If you’re looking to add your name to our list and invest in the beauty of bespoke glass art, make sure you get in touch as soon as you can!