There’s certainly been a lot happening down here at The House of Ugly Fish since our last update about our showroom and stock, with a whole host of new interior items and fresh new fused glass art display pieces. We thought it’d be a good time to give you an update on how things have been going on that front!

Outside our showroom you’ll find a whole host of beautiful outdoor garden furniture, including planters, unique ornaments and more!

With brand new stock coming in all the time, you’re guaranteed to find something new every time you visit the shop, such as brand new designer interior accessories that complement our glass perfectly. We’re always changing things up, introducing whatever crafty, quirky and downright unusual interior items that we can get our hands on. Sometimes, it’s almost like we can’t seem to order enough to keep up with the interest, but we’re willing to try and order in specific items and reserve them for you. Just stop by or give us a call to enquire.

Increasingly we’re featuring local products and craft, such as the renowned Halen Môn sea salt range, as well as a host of goodies made by artists in the area.




But when it comes to art in the area, there’s no finer work than the fused glass coming out of our workshop courtesy of our in house artist Lisa Villarospo. From grand sculpted waves and wall panels all the way to smaller accessories such as decorative bowls and coasters, there’s plenty to see on the wall and on the shelves. It has to be seen up close to be fully appreciated, so come and have a look!

We have a whole host of brand new items in stock, including some very unique accessories such as these two beautiful blue and white ornaments – pictured here in the gorgeous Anglesey sunshine.

If you see anything you like, you’re very welcome to take a piece of fused glass art home for yourself – or order something completely new and bespoke, which many customers already have! The team here at The House of Ugly Fish is wishing you all the best from our island home. We hope to see you soon!

We’re always creating brand new pieces of fused glass art to go on display, alongside creating orders from our customers. We invite you to come and have a look at what fused glass art we have in the showroom – such as this lovely meadow panel, which was part of a set of 4.