This stunning kitchen splashback was made for a home in Taunton, Somerset, where it found a home behind the cooker. A variety of deep blue shades come together with an abstract wave pattern to make an unmissable and eye-catching design. It injects a tremendous amount of colour into the space, and with the help of lighting it ensures that the piece is a true centrepiece and the room is truly a heart for the home.

A second panel sits on the other side of the wall, running along the back wall behind the sink with a matching design that perfect complements both the main splashback and the tone of the room around it. Both glass pieces work together to bring a healthy splash of cool blue into the space!

As you should be able to tell from the image, the piece that went behind the sink was cut by a specialist in order to seamlessly fit sockets. While we love an uninterrupted design, we can always cut specific shapes out of the glass in order to make way for obstructions just like sockets, as well as extractor pipes, awkward cupboards and more. It’s not just the design that’s fully bespoke, after all! When you order from The House of Ugly Fish, you’re getting a piece of fused glass art that’s unique to you in just about every way.

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