The stunning fused glass art splashback that you see pictured above may have been created here in our Anglesey workshop, but it was destined for a home in Edinburgh, Scotland. The space that it was going to go in was a beautifully designed kitchen, so it definitely needed something that would be just as stunning to look at. The customers in question approached us, and after discussing at length what the glass would look like and how the very original design would taker shape, Lisa got to work on something that would make the whole room shine.

The piece is absolutely chock full of details and specific personalisations that make this a fully custom piece of fused glass art that’s full of memories and special meaning for the customers. The couple themselves are actually in the glass, too, jetting around in an open top roadster down in the bottom right.

Can you make out what’s on the left and the right of the image? The left half of the scene depicts Ireland, with a number of recognisable landmarks such as the Giant’s Causeway to really help you know where you are, while over to the right is Scotland – complete with a handful of identifiers that you might just recognise as well, such as the famous Forth Bridge stretching across the water.

The House of Ugly Fish is the leading name in the world of bespoke fused glass art, with stunning works of highly personalised glass being delivered up and down the country from our island home in Anglesey. We’re busier than ever, with a growing list of orders and satisfied customers, so make sure you get yourself on the list as soon as you can. We hope that your home is the next one we’ll be delivering and fitting a beautiful piece of fused glass art to!