Very Accessible

Fused glass accessories come in all shapes and sizes, and in a variety of fitments. They can be placed anywhere, and come in a virtually limitless number of shapes, styles, designs and more. You can find everything from coasters and soap dishes all the way to one-of-a-kind Rospo lights and bowls perfect for fruit right here on our portfolio.

Our website is chock full of a huge variety of glass pieces in all shapes and sizes, so don’t be shy! While you take a look through our portfolio and blog, however, keep in mind that our fully bespoke process means that we can create anything you like. The pieces you see pictured are just completed works, not necessarily products to be replicated!

Every single panel we make is created by hand, designed in-house by our very own creative genius Lisa Villarospo. It’s because of her that the glass can truly be called art, with each and every piece of fused glass given the same amount of love, care and detail.

She’s incredibly skilled, especially when it comes to interpreting design ideas and understanding what our customers are looking to have made. Because of that, we can guarantee that our fused glass accessories can suit your home perfectly. Why not have a look through our full portfolio to see all of the many accessories we’ve created in the past? It might just inspire some ideas of your own!

Next time you find yourself on the market and looking for something absolutely perfect to adorn your home, why not look into what our fused glass accessories could do for you? Our accessories may be smaller than our biggest kitchen splashbacks and glass wall art panels, but they feature everything that makes our glass so widely sought after. There’s never been a better time to enquire, so pick up the phone and give The House of Ugly Fish a call!

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