That Something Extra

Do you have a room in your home that’s badly in need of decoration? Is there a space somewhere in your living room that just needs a little something extra to really look complete? If you find yourself searching for the kind of decorative accessory that no-one else can [...]

Fused Glass… Art?

Is fused glass art design, or is it truly art in its own right? Can you call our bespoke glass splashbacks original works? We get the same sort of questions time and time again, so we thought a blog would make for a good chance to look into it [...]

Sunset Splashback

Created for a home in Hextable, Kent, this piece of fused glass art brings nature into the home in a beautiful way. It’s a great example of how our home splashbacks can make for a striking centrepiece in even the most neutral kitchen. You can see the panel in [...]

An Emerald Landscape

We’ve been posting quite a fair few brand new pieces recently, so it seems only fair that we let a piece from the vaults have some time in the spotlight. Here it is! This was one of our most original glass splashbacks at the time of creation, put together [...]

A House Divided

We’ve got something really special for you today. This piece comes to the blog courtesy of a marvellous home in Potters Bar, a town about thirteen miles north of London. The couple who ordered the three panels for their property had the entire house built to fit their specific [...]

Working for the Wall

You may have already seen our work behind a cooker or two across the country, typically in the form of a fused glass splashback, but did you know that our work looks every bit as stunning when you hang it on the wall? If you’re in the market for [...]

Our Tallest Tree Yet

Now this is what we call an installation! This jaw-dropping sight comes from Kirkcaldy, Fife, where the clients in question were looking to decorate a newly built and very modern extension to a grand old building. The property was complete with stunning high ceilings and intricate mouldings echoing memories [...]

A Field of Flowers

This incredible glass kitchen splashback was created for and delivered to an equally impressive home in Aberford, Leeds, where it now has a place behind the cooker. It perfectly showcases how our glass can bring images and landscapes into the home like a painting, only with a unique twist. [...]

Bursting With Colour

The kitchen you see above belongs to a lovely home in Halifax, West Yorkshire. The glass in the picture is a recent addition to the room, but we wouldn’t blame you if you thought it had always been there. It certainly fits well enough. True enough, however, it’s one [...]

A Rocky Refurnishing

Today’s blog comes from a beautifully restored and deftly converted old dairy shed, now a jaw-dropping property in Glastonbury, Somerset. It features a hand crafted oak kitchen with two brand new bespoke glass splashbacks, both of which have a lot of thought put into them!
Speaking of thought, what [...]