The Clear Choice for Kingsclere

Created for a home in Kingsclere, Hampshire, this beautiful kitchen splashback is an absolutely stunning of example of handmade fused glass art at its very best. Just one look at the piece should tell you exactly why we’re putting it front and centre as the central feature for today’s [...]

Tunstead Travels

Here’s another brand new piece of fused glass art from The House of Ugly Fish, fresh out of the kiln and installed at its new home. The custom glass splashback, pictured above, was created for a customer’s home in Tunstead, Norfolk. The design is our classic Tree of Life, [...]

One for Wisbech

This beautiful Tree of Life design found a home in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. Although you might have seen the general design before on our website, this piece is one of our personalised splashbacks. That means that there’s plenty of unique details and quirks that ensure that this piece is like [...]

The Addition of Alliums

The beautiful handmade glass splashback you see pictured above was created for a home in Heckington, Sleaford, which is exactly where you can find it today. We always love creating designs that heavily feature a particularly artistic or painterly style, so bringing this panel to life was a great [...]

Wave to Wave

Today’s blog is dedicated to a particular bespoke fused glass art design of ours. Can you guess which one?
Well, the image above might be giving it away already! The Wave design is an enduring favourite both for our customers and for the team here at The House of [...]

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Fused Glass Art or Fused Glass Design?

We here at The House of Ugly Fish have been in the business of creating handmade fused glass art for a long time now. For as long as we’ve been going, there’s been something of a debate about the kind of pieces that we regularly create, and it’s one [...]

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The Congleton Collector

There’s a truly impressive amount of fused glass art on show here in this Congleton property, home to one of our private collectors. The customer in question had already purchased three panels from us to go in the bedroom before they decided to get their hands on not one [...]

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Three Wall Art Waves

These three sculptured wave panels found a loving home in Broxburn, Edinburgh, which is where you can see them hanging in the picture above. The customer in question had previously seen fused glass art on our website and absolutely fell in love with the style. They decided that something [...]

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A Tremendous Tree of Life Triptych

Hello again from The House of Ugly Fish! Today’s blog is about a really striking piece of custom glass wall art, which you can find pictured above. This piece was actually the main feature of our exhibition stand at the Edinburgh Homebuilding & Renovating Show. The customer loved it [...]

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Walled In

Do you like the look of the beautiful triptych piece heading this blog? It’s a very scenic fused glass art design that continues across all three panels, and is sure to look fantastic no matter what wall it ends up on. If you think a piece much like this [...]

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