Access to Accessories

Is there a room in your home that’s in dire need of an accessory or two? Personally speaking, we’re the kind of people that are never done decorating until we’ve put that final cherry on top of everything, and that usually takes the form of something small but crucial [...]

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Variety and Versatility

What are the differences between the bespoke glass splashbacks we make and more traditional coloured glass splashbacks? It’s a question we get asked a lot, so we thought we’d talk about it in today’s blog.
The first major difference comes with the level of detail, and both the versatility [...]

Wall Mounted Wonder

Looking for something fresh to breathe life into a space in your home? Is there a wall in your property that’s starkly lacking some colour? Glass wall art might just be what you need!
When you’re working with bespoke fused glass art, your imagination really is the only limit. [...]

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Room Service

Here at The House of Ugly Fish, a lot of the time it’s the case that our customers and clients end up commissioning not just one piece of fused glass art, but many. We’re not complaining, though! We love getting to stretch our creative muscles in more than one [...]

Coaster to Coaster

Fancy a drink or two? Fused glass art coasters are the perfect accessory for any home. Although they’re much smaller than our usual kitchen splashbacks and glass wall art panels, our coasters are definitely every bit as beautiful.
There’s actually a lot that can be done on coasters, and [...]

Splashing Back to Back

Every month, our fused glass art proves to be a highly sought after commodity, with customers from far and wide walking away with beautiful glass splashbacks, wall panels, bowls and more. If we had to pick out the biggest seller, however, it’d definitely have to be the kitchen splashbacks! [...]

The Designer Dalaman

Today, we thought we’d take a look at one of our most popular fused glass art designs. It’s a style that’s proven consistently popular from month to month, after all, and it always seems to be a hit with customers browsing both our portfolio and showroom. It’s always changing [...]

Light, Glass and Beautiful Windows

For today’s blog, we’re once again shining light onto an often overlooked area of our portfolio. Funnily enough, the glass we’re talking about is perfect for shining light into a room, as well! We are, of course, talking about our fused glass art windows.
Fused glass art windows make [...]

A Tall Tree in Totnes

Here’s another one of our bespoke glass splashbacks from a little while ago! The client behind this rather grand Tree of Life wanted a piece to be placed behind their AGA range cooker, complete with a black upstand to match. Of course, every single piece of fused glass art [...]

Denbighshire Delivery

Here’s a gorgeous and very recent piece that we just finished for a home in Corwen, Denbighshire. As you should be able to tell from the picture above, it’s a piece that’s every bit as scenic as the home it now has a place in. As soon as we [...]