A Well-Lit Wave

Now here’s a very interesting piece that we recently created for a customer in Wimborne, Dorset. This piece is a fantastic example of how our fused glass art interacts with light, which is one of the things we love most about the glass we work with. There are many [...]

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Writing on the Wall

Here’s a recent addition to a home in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. It’s bespoke fused glass art at its best, looking every bit as good as the scenic location that we delivered it to. As you might expect, we’re very keen to show it off here on our blog!
The design [...]

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Making A Big Difference With A Little Glass

Here’s a piece from a little while ago, created for a home in Allestree, Derby. In this case the client was looking for something that would dress up the completely neutral room they had, with large spaces on the walls and whole sections of the room that were begging [...]

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Waving You Into a Very Welcoming Kitchen

This fused glass art was delivered to Romford, Essex, where it soon found a home inside of a gorgeously sleek kitchen. As you may be able to tell from the image above, the room was styled in a very modern way, with clean lines and strong contrast to be [...]

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Wonderful Windowsills

Finding a home in a kitchen in East Grinstead, Sussex, this gorgeous fused glass art was a real treat to bring to life. Seeing it put in place was even more rewarding, so we’ll walk you through all of the elements involved in the design.
Firstly, as you may [...]

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Splashing Down in Sheffield

Here’s another very recent piece of fused glass art that’s all settled into its new home in Sheffield. The design is a monochrome Dalaman design, which perfectly complements the modern décor of the kitchen and mirrors the clean lines that can be found throughout the room. Wide bars reach [...]

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The Scenic Southwold Seaside

This particular job was one that found us journeying to Southwold, Suffolk, with a pair of very lovely looking glass splashbacks ready to meet their new owners. We were asked to create two pieces that would each go in an apartment within the same building. We’ll show you the [...]

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Royally Designed

Here’s a very recent piece of fused glass art that we created and delivered to a lovely home in Bournemouth, Dorset. Or, because it’s made up of many panels that work together, perhaps it’d be more appropriate to call it an installation!

The eye-catching design of the glass is a [...]

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Something to See in West Mersea

Did you know that there are over six-thousand islands in the UK? Well, the home of the client who ordered this fused glass art was in West Mersea and located on one of them! There was only one way onto the island via causeway, which can’t be crossed in [...]

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A Beautiful Bottle Green Kitchen

Where do we start with this one? There’s just so much to love about this particular installation that it’s hard to single out any one element. This kitchen features an extensive collection of stunning panels and accents, with wavy fused glass art everywhere you look. The main design is [...]

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