Fused Glass Art Finds a Home in Hale

Recently delivered to a house in Hale, this gorgeous fused glass art definitely found the right home. The first panel can be seen above, filling out the back wall of the kitchen with a unique twist on our classic Dalaman style. A background of stone silver is brought to [...]

Portrait Artist of the Year

We recently enjoyed watching Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year, a fantastic program which recently finished showing. For those reading who might not have heard of it, it’s a a television competition that every year aims to find the most talented artist, and this year the style was [...]

Installing Success

Fused glass is pretty beautiful, and we think we can all agree on that. That beauty, however, doesn’t quite reach its full potential until it’s paired up with something. That something might take the form of the décor of a kitchen or maybe even a matching accessory, but there’s [...]

Life of the Kitchen

This incredible bespoke kitchen splashback is a very recent work of ours that found itself at home behind a cooker in Maidenhead, Kent. It’s a beautiful variation on our Tree of Life, of course, and it’s a particularly vibrant example. The piece definitely puts the life into the kitchen, [...]

Those All-Important Accessories

Do you have that one room or space in the home that’s in dire need of something to really finish off a theme? Are you that kind of person that’s never truly done decorating the home until every single empty space has been filled up and made to look [...]

Fused Glass: Art or Design?

For as long as we’ve been in the business, there’s always been somewhat of a debate concerning what we do. Specifically, is fused glass art really art – or is it design?

We can understand why many people would think fused glass art is really more of a design choice. [...]

Kitchen Splashbacks, Bespoke or Coloured?

Even if you’ve never heard of The House of the Ugly Fish or visited our website before, you’ll probably already know about kitchen splashbacks. Over the past few years, they’ve been something of a revolution in the way we think about decorating our kitchens, getting rid of the old [...]

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Celebrate Good Times!

We create a lot of fused glass art pieces specifically to be made as gifts, with things like bowls and coasters being absolutely perfect for wedding presents and more. You can personalise the glass with things like the names of the bride and groom, as well as the date [...]

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Working in Three Dimensions

Fused glass is made up of layers which fuse together, hence the name! You can find evidence of that in the way that the glass has depths, and that different elements of a design will sit above another depending on which way you look at it, but it can [...]

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An Image Says a Thousand Words

Fused glass art is a medium that allows for a tremendous range of designs, from abstract geometric patterns all the way to realistic landscapes. There are even glass designs that pop out in three dimensions and use different layers of glass, but we’ll soon be covering those in a [...]

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