When 2 become 1

Don’t worry we’re not going to start singing The Spice Girls, however much we might be tempted to! The title of our blog refers to our latest creation in the world of bespoke glass splashbacks; that we created for a client down in Bromley, Kent.

This particular client really liked [...]

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A Southend on Sea splashback!

We recently fitted one of our glass splashbacks for a client who lives down in Southend on Sea, in Essex. As you can imagine the client wanted something that was personal to them and to where they lived. So naturally, a maritime theme was used! The client had actually [...]

Adding Glass Trees to the Lake District

One of the best things about our work in fused glass art and glass splashbacks is how much we get to travel. One of our most recent clients lives in Keswick in the Lake District and had a bare space above the cooker in their kitchen. They thought one [...]

10 years of Grand Fused Glass Art Designs

In our last blog we spoke about how we were going to be pretty much touring up and down the country this year, showcasing our fused glass art and glass splashbacks. Well there is one particular show that is especially close to our hearts – Grand Designs Live in [...]

Glass art is no joke!

You may have all forgotten but tomorrow is the 1st of April which means it is April Fools’ Day! Expect lots of mischief and practical jokes from office co-workers or some (truly) unbelievable stories from friends and family. Whatever antics occur, remember that is they occur after 12pm, the [...]

Making that first decision

A blank canvas is often the most daunting thing for an artist. The look of a plain white background can strike fear into any creative person’s heart and it’s not just artists either; for example, an untouched piece of paper or blinking cursor on a white screen can cause [...]

A tribute to the eclipse

Did you all manage to witness the partial solar eclipse on Friday? It was an amazing event and one well worth putting off work for an hour or so. Some parts of the UK had a clearer view of the eclipse than others and thank god Manchester had a [...]

Home Sense

Home is where the heart is. That’s the old saying anyway, but it’s something we really believe in. Your home is such an important place; it’s your sanctuary, your safe place and your place of comfort. Everything you hold dear resides in your home, so it’s important to show [...]

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s fused glass art!

The RAF Aerobatic Team, The Red Arrows are one of the world’s premier aerobatic display teams. Zipping through the air in their Hawk jets with the speed, agility and precision of the Royal Air Force, they are the brilliant ambassadors for the Armed Forces and for the United Kingdom [...]

A picture of Polperro

You wouldn’t automatically think it, but one of the biggest perks of our jobs here at The House of Ugly Fish is the magnificent places we get to visit. You don’t automatically think travel when you hear glass splashbacks or fused glass art, but we’re constantly off visiting different [...]