This particular piece of fused glass art was created for a customer of ours in Bearsden, Glasgow. As you can see, it’s a triptych design that makes full use of the three separate panels in order to create a continuous look and a seamless effect which we think works incredibly well! You might have already spotted it, but the chairs and the wall art match up perfectly with the piece, which works to add bright colours to the room – not to mention a healthy dose of personality. Furthermore, the introduction of light from the window nearby creates a warm and welcoming aura that can be felt even through the image above.

The placement of the triptych was very well suited to allowing the piece to become a central feature for the room, and it’s definitely got enough room to show off and turn heads like it was meant to do. Guests, family members and more are sure to enjoy the vivid colours of the wall panel, and it’s going to look fantastic for years and years to come. A great success for both the client and for us.

We absolutely love Scotland, so getting to deliver glass there is as much a holiday as it is a job. Hopefully, we’ll soon be back there with some more fused glass art…

If you’re interested in getting your own fused glass art, make sure you don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can! Whether you’re looking for a triptych that’s just like the one featured in this blog, or something altogether different, we can guarantee nothing but the very highest standards of quality. The glass art that we create here at The House of Ugly Fish is widely regarded as the very best for a reason, after all. Come and get your hands on something truly special.