Do you recognise the art in the image above? It’s the well-known “Whaam!” painting by Roy Lichtenstein, of course, standing out and demanding all the right kinds of attention through the use of a uniquely bold style. What you might not have noticed, though, is that it’s made out of fused glass art!

The customer originally had images of the same artwork there already, but the sun coming in from the skylight above had faded the art over time. He turned to The House of Ugly Fish for a solution to the problem, and we were happy to provide one; unlike traditional art, fused glass art never fades on account of sunlight and was therefore a perfect match for this particular space. We’re no strangers to putting images into the glass pieces we create, either, with years and years of experience translating portraits, paintings and more. You’ll no doubt have spotted our Lowry pieces once or twice before, though we recommend you go and have a look through our portfolio if not!

When it came to putting this particularly famous piece of art into glass, it was difficult to make sure that the precise lines and bold colouring of the original would make it across in the right way. Our resident glass artist Lisa is a master at her craft, however, so she rose to the challenge and produced the gorgeous wall art you can see pictured above. We think the results speak for themselves!

Now that the glass is installed and put in place, it’ll stay there looking fantastic no matter how much light shines down on it. If you have a similar kind of space in need of decoration and you need something that’s never going to fade on account of sunlight, make sure you don’t wait to come and get your very own piece of beautiful glass art today.

We here at The House of Ugly Fish are already in full swing, so you can give us a call or drop us an email as soon as you’d like. We’re always happy to hear your questions and queries, and hopefully we have all the answers you’re looking for. You can find our contact details right here, so make sure you don’t wait to come and let us know all about your ideal piece of fused glass art.