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The House of Ugly Fish is a household name when it comes to the creation of beautifully bespoke, one-of-a-kind decorations for the wall, with a long history of providing stunning works of art that look almost like paintings – except this is glass, not canvas! Those who have seen us before, whether through the website or at exhibitions, should know all about the beauty and versatility of our bespoke glass wall art in equal measure. Newer visitors, however, might need a little introduction. Read on, and hopefully you’ll learn a little bit about what makes our bespoke glass so treasured.

For one, having an artist on hand to listen to your feedback and personalise the glass is the best way to ensure that the glass you receive looks exactly how you imagined it – if not better! You’ll be able to describe the ideas you have, or send in anything you might have on hand to help. We’ve had sketches, colour samples, photographs and more in the past.

The next most frequent question we get from our customers goes something like: what if the space I have in mind isn’t suitable for fused glass art?

Well, unusually shaped alcoves and inconveniently placed cupboards can make a space in the kitchen a little less orthodox, and some cookers have large pipes extending upwards to block where a splashback might have otherwise gone. Fortunately, the good news is that none of those things stop us from putting glass into your home. In fact, there’s not a lot that can prevent fused glass from finding its way into that one place you had in mind. We create every piece of glass by hand, so we can create panels of any size needed – up to a whopping maximum dimension of two metres. We can cut shapes out of the glass, too, to help it fit around plug sockets and other extensions.

In especially awkward spaces, you don’t just have to settle for trying to make a single panel fit. Our fused glass art can come in all shapes and sizes, often utilising a series of smaller panels to create one large, seamless design. In these cases, the smaller panels are each less costly on an individual basis while also being much easier to fit around obstructions. The final effect is almost exactly the same, with a seamless transition between each piece of glass. There are plenty of designs like this to be found throughout our portfolio, so don’t be afraid to have a look through.

The House of Ugly Fish has just completed a move to the beautiful Welsh isle of Anglesey, so there’s never been a better time to look into getting your hands on bespoke glass wall art that’s perfectly suited for your home. Our full details can be found right here on our website, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can. A member of our friendly team will always be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.