Although it may be Friday the 13th, there’s definitely no bad luck in the air here at The House of Ugly Fish. Thirteen is actually considered to be a lucky number in Italy, where we’ve got deep roots, so we’ve got very good reason to be confident! We were certainly quite lucky to find a real gem in our portfolio while browsing, as it’s one that never had a chance to shine on our blog but definitely deserves the spotlight.

The gorgeous glass splashback you see above was created for one of our clients in Nantwich, Cheshire. We really liked this piece when it was fresh out of the kiln, and looking back we’re just as pleased with it.

It features our ever-popular Tree of Life design with a lush green background, though the real beauty of the piece lies with the detailing on the tree itself. Those details include a butterfly and a bird, which the client wanted putting in so that the tree would be personalised just for them. Not only does the design hold a special sentiment, but the leaves themselves are made up of a huge variety of colours and really help make everything stand out. As you can see, the end result and the way that the panel colours the room turned out incredibly well, so we’re keen to make more of the best fused glass Cheshire can buy.

Whether you’re looking to get your hands on gorgeously bespoke fused glass Cheshire-wide or you’re buying from a little further than that, we here at The House of Ugly Fish are always ready and waiting to provide all you need and more. We deliver fused glass art nationwide and ship outside the UK, so you can rest assured knowing we’ll always be able to get your glass to you. All you need to do is get in contact either by phone or email to discuss the details.