For today’s blog feature, we have this beautiful bespoke fused glass splashback from Malpas, Chester. We’ve done quite a few jobs there before, so it was a familiar location. The glass, however, was something we’ve never seen before. Since all of our work is created completely bespoke, by hand and from scratch for our customers, we’re used to the feeling!

The design, then, is a fresh take on a classic. Regular readers might just recognise the style as our widely loved Dalaman design, but the colours and details are completely original and unique to this piece. The background is a desaturated hue to match the neutral modern décor of the kitchen cabinets that surround the space. As with any Dalaman, there is a central spine along which horizontal elements are arranged. In this case, however, the spine has a curve that bends downwards to give the piece a unique look of its own.

The colour palette stands out against the neutral background, injecting a vivid burst of colour into the piece. You should be able to spot a range of warm oranges and reds, calm greens and reddish browns all coming together to create a feast for the eyes, with geometric accents adding that little bit more flair. Bold white horizontal pieces make the entire design pop with contrast, and also help to match the style of the kitchen.

We think the piece works very well in situ, and the customers were very happy with the final product.

If this gorgeous example of a bespoke fused glass splashback inspires your very own ideas for a fantastic glass splashback or any other kind of fused glass panel, such as a piece for the wall, you only need to send us an email or give us a phone call to get things started. The House of Ugly Fish is the number one name for one-of-a-kind pieces of fused glass art you won’t find anywhere else, and we can’t wait to hear from you. Get in touch as soon as you can!