We’re always mentioning how fused glass art is the perfect medium to recreate specific images, and these two fantastic pieces of glass definitely provide a fantastic example of how those images might look after being completed and put in place. We’ll tell you a little bit about the pieces themselves, first. The clients who ordered the pieces lived in Stretham, South London, and were looking for us to do a version of two pieces of artwork that they liked.

Glass Splashbacks London 2
Sat outside, the triptych definitely makes for an eye-catching sight, don’t you think?

The first was one of our ever-popular bespoke glass splashbacks, personalised to feature the image of a beautifully blooming sunflower. It works particularly well with the walls behind it, being colour matched and specifically created to complement the surrounding décor. With the lighting from the extractor fan, we think it instantly gives the kitchen a unique and bespoke look which friends and family alike will adore. We dare any visitor to not notice it!

From there, you only need to glance outside to instantly catch sight of the other wall panel! It’s a triptych depicting an African sunset, where you can see the reflection of the landscape and animals in the water, and it’s every bit as bold as the splashback. Just like peering through a window, it almost takes you to that very spot when you look at it. It’s worth noting that it’s a piece that sits outdoors, too, something which our fused glass art is perfectly suited to do. Unlike traditional artwork such as paintings or photograph prints, the glass will resist even the worst weather and keep on looking both stunning and vibrant for years and years to come!

So why not come and get your own today? Here at The House of Ugly Fish, creating bespoke glass splashbacks and all kinds of fused glass art is our speciality. We’re just waiting to get started on your very own piece, so come and let us know all about what you want it to look like! You can get in touch either by phone or email, so by all means don’t wait to contact us as soon as you can.