It’s finally Friday! Believe it or not, this week has just flown by since we’ve been so very busy getting stuck into the many orders that keep on rolling in, but we’ve still found the time to fire up the blog and keep on posting about some of our favourite pieces from our portfolio. With that in mind, we’ve got another one of our trademark bespoke glass splashbacks that we’d like to take the chance to show you.

As you might have guessed, it’s pictured above. This particular glass splashback was done for one of our clients in Gravesend, Kent, and we’re glad that we had the opportunity to bring it to life. It should be pretty clear that the customer was interested in fused glass art which would tie the kitchen together in both design and décor, while still wanting the glass itself to be bold and vibrant enough to stand out in its own way.

The design is styled as a horizontal flow that begins at the cooker area, making its way around the kitchen behind the sink and adding a vivid splash of colour no matter where you look. It only gets better when the light spills in from outside, and we think that those burning orange hues are even more welcome with the cold days of January nipping at us every time we step outside.

It was a very lovely kitchen before, but we definitely feel as if the addition of one of our bespoke glass splashbacks has only improved on that. What do you think? Interested in your own? If so, we’re ready to hear all about your ideas and your vision of the perfect fused glass art.

We’re always looking to provide the finest bespoke glass splashbacks no matter what, so don’t be a stranger! Our contact details are right here on our website, and getting in touch really is as easy as ringing up for a chat or simply dropping us an email containing your questions and queries. Don’t hesitate to let us know all about your ideas, as the perfect piece of fused glass art is just waiting to find a place in your home.