A couple of blogs ago, we told you how we were going to be over on the Isle of Man, launching a House of Ugly Fish exhibition, at the Genesis Gallery in Douglas. Well, we did it and what a thoroughly enjoyable launch it was. The gallery now stocks House of Ugly Fish Rospo lights, bowls, coasters, sculptured waves and wall panels – it’s all very exciting!

Whilst we were there, we managed to get a few snaps of the beautiful Isle – you know how we love our pictures – so you can see what kind of setting our fused glass art pieces will be living in.

ca cb




Whilst we were there, we didn’t manage to spot any fairies like the tradition said but maybe they were just being a little shy! Saying that, we didn’t see any giants though and there weren’t many places for them to hide…

Here are some examples of our fused glass art accessories that you may not be as familiar with, which will now reside in the Genesis Gallery on the Isle of Man. Some lovely bowls and Rospo lighting:

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It’s great that our work is being seen and showcased somewhere new and we hope the people of the Isle of Man fall in love with fused glass art!