Everyone has a favourite season that they enjoy the most, whether they know it or not. Some people love the warmth of the summer sun on their face, with the sunlight streaming down from  a gorgeous clear blue sky, while others like the crisp air of spring for instant rejuvenation. In the same way, some adore the beautiful colours that autumn brings while others marvel at the wonderful festive fun that comes around with winter, even if they’re not so fond of the cold. Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we love every season but we do have a soft spot for the sights spotted in winter and how they can inspire fused glass art.

To celebrate and pay homage to this spectacular season we thought we’d share some of our most winter-themed fused glass art and glass splashbacks, which you can find pictured above. There’s just so much to love, after all! There’s the constant prospect of snow for those that love seeing their usual scenery blanketed in white just like in those classic festive films, the excitement of Christmas, speciality drinks, mince pies, winter clothing, and for many more winter simply means time off to spend with family and friends.

One of the things we love most about winter is the aesthetics of the season. The landscape changes so much over the winter months and we happen to think the process is simply stunning. The colour palette of winter has some truly exquisite hues; cool shades of blue, silver, white and jewel tones appear.

If you’ve been thinking about getting some new art work for your home our fused glass art would be the perfect addition. You can also commission some personalised fused glass art for a family member or loved one which would make an ideal Christmas gift. Contact us to get started on your very own piece of fused glass art or simply browse our existing pieces.