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As the number one name in the business when it comes to fused glass art online, we here at The House of Ugly Fish know a thing or two about creating a diverse and varied range of products. We’re always making grand splashbacks for kitchens and eye-catching wall panels, but we feel that our accessories sometimes get a little overlooked. That’s a shame, since even the smallest accessories can go a long way, especially if you’re complementing an existing piece of glass or just working on a smaller budget.

There are actually bespoke glass accessories to be found in all shapes and sizes here at The House of Ugly Fish, with an almost endless variety of designs, styles, shapes, sizes and more. You can take the image above as just one example of what we mean, but you’ll be able to find everything from fruit bowls and soap dishes all the way to unique Rospo lights and drinks coasters in our stock.

Fused Glass Art Coasters Tree of Life
These gorgeous fused glass art coasters make up a perfect set of miniature Tree of Life designs.

We often say that we’re creators of bespoke fused glass art. The “bespoke” part of that, of course, relates to how all of the glass we make is created completely by hand, and more often than not, it’s made to order. Because we create each individual piece from scratch, we can customise and personalise the look of the design just about as much as you’d ever want us to. We can confidently create something that looks just the way you want, every single time!

There are plenty of examples to be seen here on our website, but you should always keep in mind that your own fused glass art could look however you want it to. A look through our portfolio of completed work might be ample inspiration, though, so feel free to have a gander!

So, if you should ever find yourself searching for the perfect fused glass art online, especially when it comes to bespoke glass accessories, The House of Ugly Fish should be your first port of call! Every piece that rolls off of our kiln is completely unique and typically made to order, and there’s no reason why our range of accessories should be any different. You can always expect the highest quality products from us, combined with your very own ideas to make the perfect decorations. Give us a call!