Fused glass art is one of the best appreciated elements for home decoration, mainly due to its versatility and typically vivid colours. These elements are a large part of the reason why more and more customers command custom-made fused glass art from companies such as House of Ugly Fish, in a bid to spruce up their kitchens or living spaces.

What many of these customers may not be aware of, however, is that fused glass art are not just suitable for use indoors; on the contrary, pieces created using this technique look just as charming and appealing decorating a garden, patio or outdoor area as they would in a kitchen, bathroom or living room wall.

House of Ugly Fish creative Lisa recently proved exactly that by devising a series of glass panels specifically designed and created to decorate a customer’s garden area, which can be admired in the photo at the top of this blog.

To achieve the earthy feel most garden-owners go for, and ensure her fused glass art panels blended in well with the rest of the customer’s garden aesthetic, she used  significantly less vivid colours than usual, opting for earth-tones and subdued reds so as to make the pieces blend in with the flowerbeds, vases, and even the flowers themselves.

The result is a testament to the versatility of fused glass art. The panels blend in perfectly with their surrounding environment, giving the flowerbed a touch of class while not detracting attention away from the flowers, the real centrepiece of that part of the garden. In addition, the success of this particular application helps prove that, while not often used for outside decoration, fused glass art items are perfectly suited for this purpose as well!

It is clear, then, that fused glass art has many additional applications to complement its most common role. As noted above, this may be part of the reason why this style of art is so well-loved among home-owners!