We recently did a splashback featuring olive trees. The glass art piece was inspired by Vincent van Gogh and his Olive Trees piece, though there was no need to draw the Alpilles in the background! The colours were derived from the customers input, taking into account the colour of the kitchen, personal preference and references from other artworks that the customer selected.

As all of our products are hand-made, here at the House of Ugly Fish, we can achieve a rustic hand-made look if needed, and in this kitchen the artwork looks like an original work of art indeed.

If you’re looking for a unique piece like this one, The House of Ugly Fish offers bespoke and coloured fused glass art products that are both unique and captivating. With many options to fit our glass such as wall art or coasters, we come highly recommended by all those we have done products for.

If you see a design of ours that you like, you are easily able to keep that design or change it up in whatever way you wish. With our artwork, your dreams come to life! So why not take a look at our site and our range of fused glass art projects, or contact us with any questions that you might have regarding our artwork.