We love candles here at House of Ugly Fish. There’s nothing better than dimming the lights, lighting some candles and cosying up on a cold, dark night. But now the weather is starting to change, candles can seem a little out of place. What are more in keeping with the summer months are our amazing Rospo fused glass lighting.

Our Rospo fused glass lighting can be made to any colour palette or design you require. You may wish to match your Rospo fused glass lighting with your decor or another piece of our fused glass art but whatever you decide, all of our products are made by hand and from scratch.

Rospo fused glass lighting look amazing when lit up and can create the perfect summer evening vibe as you relax after a log day at work, perhaps with a glass of wine? Our Rospo fused glass lighting is the perfect accompaniment to a chilled summer evening at home, a winding down party or a night in reading your favourite book.

Our Rospo fused glass lighting can be created in any colour, design or style you want and each individual piece is completely unique and created in a bespoke way. If you’re after a functional piece that doubles up as an exquisite piece of artwork then our fused glass lighting is the perfect item.

Watch as the light explodes from within the fused glass lighting and dazzles across the room. Order your fused glass lighting today.