This lovely infused glass splashback comes in two parts, and found a home in Muir of Ord, Inverness. We always love featuring pieces that have a distinctly painterly style, as it allows the glass to act as a canvas and really let the art shine through. Our approach to fused glass art is unique in that we have a talented in-house artist who is able to create pieces you wouldn’t believe weren’t made with paint and brush. This splashback is a great example of what we mean.

The design of the glass depicts an incredible beach scene, creating a stunning panorama that takes you to another place entirely. A dark blue sky sits in sharp contrast to the lighter tones of the sandy beach, with a hugely nuanced palette of shades creating depth everywhere you look. Rocks rise and fall, footprints track into the distance, and if you look closely you should even be able to see figures on the beach. Warm orange and pink shades softly blend into the sand, creating a warm glow that makes the glass a very warm welcome for any guests who step into the kitchen.

We love the effect that the final piece has in the room. It’s a stunning blend of cool tones that match the neutral modern elements of the décor, while the warmer hues pair up perfectly with the more traditional wooden cabinets below. And don’t forget, it’s all created out of powder!

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a bespoke infused glass splashback just like this one, there’s simply nowhere else to go but The House of Ugly Fish. We’re specialists when it comes to the creation of gorgeous fused glass art that’s expertly personalised to fit the space you have in mind, and our uniquely artistic approach ensures that the glass can have that much sought after painterly look. Get in touch via email or by picking up the phone – we’ll be looking forward to it!