Here’s a piece that we recently delivered to a home in Cottingham, East Yorkshire. It’s a kitchen glass splashback that really speaks for itself, but we just can’t resist sharing a few words about it…

The design is a beautiful variation on our classic Tree of Life, of course, created on top of a neutral stone background that provides a subtly textured base for the main feature to stand out upon. From each branch, hand crafted leaves burst forth from each branch to create a vivid explosion of warm, autumnal colours. Dark reds, oranges, browns, silver and white accents all combine beautifully to make a very welcoming atmosphere, while the neutral quality of the background helps to ensure that all the colour doesn’t overwhelm the look of the room.

Don’t miss the details, of course – there are speckles of colour in and around the leaves of the tree, creating an effect that looks like the wind is gently blowing and shaking the tree. At the base of the splashback, you should be able to see a cluster of flowers on either side of the tree trunk, which helped to personalise the glass and ensure it became a truly unique work of art.

Take a look at how the colours make a stunningly accurate match for the blinds nearby! We think that the addition of a kitchen glass splashback definitely takes this very clean and exceptionally neutral kitchen to a whole new level, but what about you?

Next time you find yourself looking for the perfect kitchen glass splashback, make sure The House of Ugly Fish is the first name on your list. We would love to bring your perfect piece of fused glass art to life. What’s more, getting in touch really is as easy as picking up the phone and giving us a call, or dropping us an email online if you’d prefer. Either way, letting us know all about your ideal fused glass art is the first step to actually seeing it in your home!