Every time the start of the exhibition season rolls around, and we once again find ourselves on the road at shows up and down the country, Lisa always creates a piece or two to feature on the stand. This year, one of the big glass wall art features is this grand triptych.

It’s a single design split into three panels, spaced out to create a continuous scene, and of course it’s an in-house original. You’ll see plenty of signature qualities of Lisa’s art on show, including a dramatic and lovingly crafted sky in particular.

The effect it creates feels as if you’re gazing through a window to somewhere else entirely. That effect is so noticeable, in fact, that we always have visitors to our stand commenting on big scene pieces just like this one. They always seem to wonder if they’ve seen the landscape before, or if they’ve actually been to the place that Lisa had in mind when she made the art. Sometimes, we’ll see them standing there for quite a while as they take in the details and let the piece transport them through their memories.

Beach scenes in particular always seem to evoke thoughts of the seaside and good memories of coastal holidays. Does this one remind you of anywhere in particular?

We’re always creating stunning pieces of grand glass wall art just like this one for customers, although the design is always an entirely bespoke one that changes from order to order. Your own piece would be no exception, and we can customise it from the ground up to match any space you have in mind. You can find our full contact details right here on our website, including the location of our Manchester showroom if you’d like to come on down and see our fused glass art in person. Photographs never quite do it justice, after all. Either way, we’ll be looking forward to hearing from you!