Coming to the blog today is a gorgeous piece of fused glass wall art that was completed for and delivered to a home in Bearsden, Glasgow. We really like this one, so showing it off is second nature for us!

What you might immediately notice is that the glass is divided into matching panels, with one seamless design continuing across all three. We call this a triptych, where each panel can function as a standalone piece or the entire scene can be pieced together for a truly stunning end result.  The scene depicted is a beautiful and verdant meadow, complete with an assortment of wildflowers lying in both the foreground and background of the piece. Overhead, a variety of cool blue tones create the image of a cloudy sky, and the multi-layered effect of fused glass art helps to give it a real sense of depth.

This is a close up picture of a piece of fused glass wall art, from a home in Bearsden, Glasgow. This image is an insert image within a blog post.

This piece in particular is absolutely bursting with colour and details, and the closer you look the more you’ll see. There’s layers upon layers of little additions and colours you might not expect, such as the bright orange speckles which subtly lift the tone of the glass and add even more vividness.

As we’re sure you’ll agree, the end result makes for an unmissable addition to the wall that we’re sure will have heads turning for all the right reasons. Get in touch if you’d like to put something just like this in your own home!

Proudly relocated to the beautiful North Welsh shores of Anglesey and ready to go, The House of Ugly Fish is open for business and in full swing. If you’ve been looking for stunning bespoke fused glass art wall art that no-one else can say they have in their home, ordering something custom and fully personalised is definitely the way to go! There’s never been a better time, either, with a team that’s always ready and waiting to answer your questions and a kiln that’s all fired up. Who knows? You might just have something special arriving to your doorstep before you know it.