When it comes to the home, there’s nothing quite like a piece of artwork to accentuate the theme or design you’ve already picked out and set about establishing. The furniture’s there, the walls and ceiling are painted and decorated, and it’s time to add those all-important accessories and additions which can really bring an interior space to perfection. The perfect piece, however, might be an elusive thing.

Especially if you’ve chosen to go for a unique scheme, you might not find artwork which fully reflects or complements that style you’re desperate to see all the way to the end. This is where our completely personalised service comes in, as we can guarantee that your every specification can be met skilfully and with the highest levels of talent by our resident artist Lisa Villarospo.

If it’s a piece which perfectly complements any style you want, fused glass art might just be what you’re looking for! It can take a whole range of forms besides a simple wall panel, bending and waving to create a stunning sight when combined with all the colours and effects we implement within, or it could even be a custom frame for a mirror. What about a bowl for fruit? You won’t be able to guess what we can come out with, so it’s best to give us a ring and find out what we can do for you!

Here at the House of Ugly Fish, our passion lies in creating completely bespoke pieces of fused glass art such as glass splashbacks to really bring that personal touch to your kitchen. We can take any idea you have for a piece and translate it into glass, guaranteeing gorgeous results that may very well exceed your expectations; we believe the true beauty of our work has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated! Why not get in contact if you feel like our services could be the perfect match for you?