This glass was commissioned for a home in Balerno, Edinburgh, which meant delivering it would take us all the way up to Scotland. Since it’s one of our absolute favourite places in the world, we had no complaints about that! We thought we’d share a few words about it in today’s blog.

The installation is comprised of three panels in total, perfectly and near-seamlessly joined together to create one gorgeous design that flows from wall to wall. Speaking of design, you may recognise the style utilised in this piece as our classic Wave design. Dark waving lines provide contrast, while bright white accents help to raise the piece and complement the surrounding décor.

There are a lot of subtle shades and gradients which work together to create a stunning and very busy looking trio of panels that do not need much colour to shine brightly. It’s a very nuanced look that fits in perfectly with the stylish, modern kitchen in which the three panels sit. We love how the lights from above shine down and add a warm, colourful atmosphere to the space, as they really help to bring out the colour in the glass while introducing something new at the same time.

Once we saw all the pieces put in place, the final effect looked good enough to surprise even us. We’re sure that this room will look stunning for a long time to come.

If you’re looking to commission your very own beautifully bespoke glass splashbacks for the home, The House of Ugly Fish is the place to do it. We’re in full swing for 2019, so don’t hesitate to get yourself on the list as soon as you can. Make sure you don’t wait to pick up the phone or get in contact as soon as you can. Our team would love to have a chat, and we’ll always be around to answer your questions and queries.