This beautiful example of a Tree of Life splashback found its way to Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. It’s a piece of bespoke fused glass art that speaks for itself, of course, but we thought we’d share some words about it on our blog while we show it off!

The background is a beautiful powder blue colour, a strong and vibrant tone which instantly injects the kitchen with colour while also providing a solid base for the rest of the design to be built on. In the foreground, the titular tree itself grows strong and branches out across the space given to it. It was created out of a muted dark brown with painterly strokes, creating a very organic effect! Each leaf on the tree was cut by hand, with each colour carefully selected from a wide palette. There’s everything from warm orange and red hues all the way to cooler blue and green shades, with hints of cream and silver metallics helping to add that all important contrast.

As is typical of the Tree of Life design, there’s tons of details that make this piece truly alive. Can you spot them all? There are four birds perched on the various branches of the tree, and a cat prowls the grass beneath. To finish the piece off, the bottom of the glass is lined with an array of assorted wildflowers. The various colours on display mirror the various hues found in the leaves above, helping to tie everything together while adding more visual excitement to the piece.

We have to say, we adore the end result and we’re extremely confident that the customers were just as happy with it. The piece makes for an attention grabbing centrepiece in the home that we’re sure is going to be a welcome sight every time a meal needs to be cooked.

If you’d love to put something just like this behind the cooker in your own home, make sure you don’t wait to pick up the phone and get in touch as soon as you can. Alternatively, if you have another idea for a piece of bespoke fused glass art to go elsewhere, such as on the wall or around a mirror, we’d be very interested in hearing it. Our process works from the ground up, so there’s virtually nothing we won’t be able to make for you. Give us a call or drop us an email as soon as you can!