There are so many benefits to having fused glass art rather than traditional canvases or paintings, but not a lot of people are aware of them. So, as flyers of the fused glass art flag, we thought it our duty to share some of the benefits with you all!

You get a bespoke service

The whole process of getting your piece of fused glass art created, right from the initial consultation, straight through to the finished product, involves you. Your input is vital to the fused glass art as it reflects you and your personality. That’s the great thing about fused glass art; you can have a truly unique piece created for you that no one else in the world will have.


It can be placed in unconventional places

Unlike traditional artwork, fused glass art isn’t damaged or affected by things like moisture which means you can have it in unconventional places such as bathrooms, wet rooms, saunas and kitchens. We’ve even created some commercial pieces for places like gyms and swimming pools.


Light works to its advantage

One of the number one rules when hanging traditional artwork is always keep it out of direct sunlight. But fused glass art doesn’t fade in direct sunlight and in fact, we encourage you to place it in areas where you get light as the effect of the light on the glass is breath taking. It’s like having interactive art!


To find out more about fused glass art and why it’s worth looking into, have a look around our website or please feel free to give us a call to have a chat!