These particularly scenic fused glass art panels found a home in Hampshire, being created for a client that just wouldn’t settle for anything less than a completely bespoke service. The corner really needed a little bit of dressing up with something special, but the client was finding again and again that other forms of art were either not up to the task or just not quite right. When they came to us with some brilliant ideas, we happily took up the initiative and set about creating a bespoke fused glass art commission perfectly tailored to the client’s idea of a perfect piece of glass.

They had a lot of great ideas about what they wanted included in the art, primarily involving a gorgeous seaside scene. There’s no shortage of personalised details in this piece. Aside from the beach huts and boats making up the main design, there are many bespoke additions such as the names of family members to really make the piece something truly special and one of a kind. You can see all of those images and details included in the image above, which is how the end result looked once installed.

The glass wraps around the corner of the kitchen, creating a continuous panoramic effect which curves around the wall. It looks absolutely incredible above the counter top, and it’s sure to draw all the right kinds of attention for a long time to come. If you’re looking to achieve the same effect in your own home, then bespoke fused glass art is definitely the way to go!

 Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we’re always ready and waiting to create something truly special for you. We have the means, with a talented artist and a dedicated team ready to answer your every question and query – the only thing we need is your ideas to bring to life! Don’t wait to get in contact as soon as you can for your very own bespoke fused glass art.