This latest work found a home in Exmouth, Devon – and in a gorgeous kitchen, no less! We love bespoke glass splashbacks that incorporate landscapes into the design, and we think you’ll agree with us when you see this particular piece.

The design was directly inspired by the customers’ favourite place, and it’s a sight some of you reading might recognise! It’s the Lake District of course, lovingly brought to life with a distinctly vivid and very painterly flair. Vivid green shades from all across the spectrum come together to create the verdant grass you see growing strong, while dark blues create a moody landscape beyond. The dark silhouettes of rising peaks, the calm water beyond the bench in the foreground and the sky up above can all be seen clearly, along with a huge variety of subtle details that make this fused glass art something truly special.

We often work from reference and this piece was no exception. The customers sent in a photo for Lisa to work from, helping to ensure that all the details would be correct while still allowing Lisa artistic freedom to bring the scene to life with her own style. The end result is like looking into a window that leads to another place entirely. Hopefully they’ll be able to remember and relive a heap of happy memories every time they look back at it!

Bespoke Glass Splashbacks Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Every piece we create, from splashbacks and wall panels all the way to smaller accessory pieces, all take different forms. Personalised designs are bound to be varied by their very nature, after all.

If you find yourself loving the effect that this glass splashback creates in the kitchen, but aren’t sure that you’d like the same design, you can change it when it comes to getting your own. In much the same way, if you love the idea of a landscape but would like to change the location or the colour palette used, that’s just as possible. We even welcome your very own ideas that are different from anything previously seen in our portfolio. We’re dedicated to bringing your perfect piece of glass to life, and your imagination is practically the limit!

Next time you find yourself looking at the space behind the cooker, why not imagine your very own glass panel there? Our bespoke glass splashbacks are created by hand to perfectly match the décor, style and theme of your kitchen, with a design that’s uniquely personalised just for you. It’s a guaranteed match! Christmas is a busy time for us, so it’s a great time to call while the kilns are hot and get yourself on a list of happy customers that’s always growing. We look forward to hearing from you!