Have a look at this beautiful glass wall art and see what you think! It’s a particularly striking show piece that really exemplifies just how much of an impact our glass can make. You can see some fine examples of smaller pieces below, too, helping to show off the kind of variety you can expect to find here on our website.

Every piece we create is bespoke and handmade, after all, so it should come as absolutely no surprise to learn that our glass wall art is no exception to that rule! Whether you’re aiming to dress up a blank looking wall with a truly unique piece of glass wall art or you’ve spotted a place behind the cooker for the perfect kitchen splashback, we can guarantee a personalised end result that no-one else will have seen before.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to the design of the glass, and we really mean it. Take a look through our portfolio of work, and you’re guaranteed to see just how varied our work can be. From colours and shapes all the way to textures, metallic accents and even layers to give a three dimensional effect to the work, there’s so much that can make your glass wall art a one-of-a-kind spectacle for friends and family to view. All we need is your best ideas, which we’ll be more than happy to discuss with you.

What’s more, we’re able to make pieces to your exact measurements, and we can cut the glass to fit in even the most awkward spaces. Plug sockets and more shouldn’t be too much of a problem, either, as we can cut around those to make for a perfect, seamless fit.

If you’re looking for a piece of glass wall art that’s perfect for you, then why not let the team here at The House of Ugly Fish know all about it? We’re always excited to hear from customers both new and old, and we’re tremendously excited to have the chance to work on brand new designs no matter if they look like the piece pictured above or if they’re a completely original design. Let us bring your best ideas to life! All you have to do is drop us an email or pick up the phone for a chat.