If you’ve ever taken a look through our portfolio or browsed our blog before, then you’ll no doubt have already seen the many kinds of designs that can adorn our fused glass art. From vividly colourful waves to monochromatic Dalaman pieces, and even pieces that take their designs into the third dimension, there’s no end to the variety of our work. Have you ever seen how we can incorporate images into our glass, though?

We’ll give you some examples! We’ve made portraits of loved ones and pets before, bringing their image to life in a portrait style or as part of a larger design as often seen in our popular Tree of Life pieces. It’s not uncommon to see family pets gathered around the base of the tree, alongside other fantastic personalised details such as flowers, butterflies and just about anything that your imagination can come up with. As well as that, logos and symbols also prove to be popular picks, especially for commercial pieces that go on to decorate public spaces like restaurants, hospitals and more. We’ve even done chip shops in the past!

You could also have a favourite location or view immortalised in fused glass art, like the splashback pictured above beautifully demonstrates. It’s all thanks to the incredibly versatile artist behind the scenes…


We’re incredibly lucky to have such a talented artist in the form of Lisa, our resident creative expert. With her extensive background in a wide variety of traditional art styles and mediums, she is an expert when it comes to translating images of all kinds to glass, and she’s the creative mastermind behind all of the incredible new designs that push the envelope of fused glass art. She sets the bar for fused glass artists everywhere and is often imitated, but her work never truly replicated.

Many customers have spoken all about how they were incredibly pleased that she managed to capture their images so well, utilising bespoke design and a careful hand to bring their best ideas to life – with some lovely twists occasionally thrown in, too. You definitely don’t need to worry – if you’re looking to have images put into glass, then you’re in the safest of hands!

If you’ve got your very own ideas for the perfect piece of bespoke fused glass art, then make sure you don’t wait to let us know all about it! The team here at The House of Ugly Fish would absolutely love to bring your ideal design to life, and we’re more than ready to hear your best ideas. You can pick up the phone for a chat or you can discuss your best ideas with us via email, so don’t be shy! Find our contact details on our website, and hopefully the next piece we deliver will be your very own personalised piece of glass.